Our Mission


  • The Jefferson Academy Foundation’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to support the needs, efforts, and mission of Jefferson Academy K-12 Charter School.
  • The Foundation is a resource to financially support the administration, teachers, and educational and social programs at JA through grants, fundraisers, and donations from our school community, businesses, alumni, and non-profit organizations.
  • We work to fund large scope projects such as: facility additions, buildings and grounds improvements, school technology maintenance and upgrades, support staff salaries, and funding academic needs to support classrooms.
  • Charter schools DO NOT receive additional funding for buildings, facilities, grounds, and equipment. We work to raise revenue to fund projects in these areas.
  • The Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization with its own board of directors and takes direction from The Jefferson Academy Board of Directors. All gifts to JA Foundation are tax deductible.


A few of the challenges we face in continuing to help our students attain their highest academic potential while offering a well-rounded education:

  • The rising need and cost of improving necessary technology in our elementary and secondary schools, specifically adding chrome books and computers.
  • A considerable lack of funding for our art, music, and drama departments, with a desire to add a performing and visual arts center.
  • The need for adding ADA accessible playground equipment.
  • A lack of funding to sustain and grow our intramural and competitive athletic programs.

Our Jefferson Academy community endeavors to meet these challenges in order to continue to create a learning environment that engenders growth in character, academic achievement, and the love of learning. The accomplishment of these objectives will result in our students becoming responsible, productive citizens.