Grants-past winners

Winners announced for spring 2022

From the Grants Review Committee, made up of students, teachers, and parents:

We would like to thank all JA and Summit staff members who took part in the Spring 2022 grant cycle. The proposals we read highlighted your creativity, innovative teaching, and passion for our students. Although we wish we could fund every request through this process, that was not possible. We are pursuing alternate funding channels for everyone who submitted a proposal in this cycle and we encourage all staff members to consider funding their big ideas through the JA Foundation next year.

Based on the scoring rubric, the following four winners were chosen by the committee and will receive $500 to fund their ‘big idea’. Congratulations to our winners, and many thanks to all staff members who submitted a proposal!

Deanna Marcy (The Summit Academy), for her proposal to double the library of Spanish Comprehensible-Input readers for Second Language Fluency for Spanish readers in K-12.

Ruth Downing (The Summit Academy), for her plan to host a speech and debate tournament. This program will partner with other local schools for secondary students enrolled in speech and debate.

Amy Vander Kooi (The Summit Academy South), for her proposal to purchase a biography set for students at Summit South. This program enhances our history, leadership, critical thinking, empathy, and social equality curriculums by expanding the Scholastic biographies series’ “Who Was” and “I Am”. 

Jenny Brown & Kate Seidel (JA Elementary), for their plan to develop a community outdoor garden for students at JA Elementary. The project will enhance a community garden for hands-on learning opportunities at the elementary level.