JA Gives Day

Thank you to everyone who supported the JA Foundation in our 2020 JA Gives Day! We raised over $6,000 – funds which go to support our teachers and staff through a 2021 Mini Grant program, as well as helping to support Community Cares, an initiative that provides support and resources to JA and Summit families in need. 

Thank you to our JA/Summit Community for your continued support of these programs!


Why should I support Jefferson Academy?

Excellence: JA’s commitment to academic excellence is clear. Earlier this year, our 96 graduating seniors were awarded approximately $1,000,000 in scholarships and financial support. Both of our campuses have received the John Irwin School of Excellence Award many times, an honor given to schools who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement over time. Read more

Commitment to Mission & Vision: Originally formed in 1994 by a group of parents, JA remains committed to creating a learning environment that results in productive citizens. This commitment is clear during COVID-19, as teachers, parents, and students work together to learn, no matter where that learning takes place. Read more

How does my donation help Jefferson Academy?

Whatever the amount, your donation helps to fund all areas of Jefferson Academy and its mission and vision. This year, the effects of a pandemic on our operations and budget have been far-reaching. From helping to fund more staff for remote students to purchasing new camera equipment, your donation this year will mean a better experience for our students and staff.

Beginning in spring 2021, JA Foundation will begin a program to support innovation in the classroom. This mini grant process will be funded by JA Gives Day and go directly to teachers and staff who need additional funds for programs and projects. This includes supplies, materials, training, and technology that may be needed to teach and learn during a pandemic.